Itang Yunasz Bring American Culture to Borneo

Indonesian well-known designers, Itang Yunasz, will hold a fashion show in the United States. With six others in the team, Itang will leave for the United States on June 23, 2013. Yunasz Itang label owner, Tatum, Preview, Marrakech, and Kamilaa this will bring and raise the culture of Borneo in the show was in the land of Uncle Sam.  Indonesian breathe design, the weaving Borneo printed on the fabric, “says Itang Tempo quoted by ruanghati on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

Itang Yunasz

Itang Yunasz

In this fashion show, featuring designs Itang category of ready to wear or ready-made clothing. With the use of a popular clothing material in the world, but with a touch of traditional Indonesian culture, Itang pergelarannya sure this time will be successful. Last year, 54-year-old designer is also an exhibition of fashion in the United States at the invitation of the Consulate General of Indonesia with Agum Gumelar.

“The people there are very excited,” he said. He even amazed to see the enthusiasm of the Moslem community. Apparently, the Muslim community in the United States is not antipathy toward Muslim fashion is now beginning to grow.



“Although there was a nine eleven tragedy -11 September-Muslim communities there actively doing fashion parade, including in New York,” said the designer’s bloody Minangkabau.

In a chance visit to the United States later, Itang will also stay in touch with the Muslim community there to do a fashion show in September.


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