Mandau And Tameng style of Dayak Kalimantan

one of Mandau

Borneo is not just having a stretch of its vast forest, but in fact the third largest island in the world also has a native culture that is still preserved to this day. Is the Dayak tribes who inhabited most of the area of ​​Borneo is still a cultural magnet. Dayak tribe is divided into many sub-tribes, including the Meratus Dayak, Dayak Kenyah, Benuaq Dayak, Dayak Iban, Dayak Maanyan and many other sub-tribe Dayak her.

one of Mandau

one of Mandau

But there are some things that make them have in common, some of it is a Mandau And Tameng. Mandau  is a traditional weapon Dayak. Shaped like a sword, but not so long

Her first saber used for fighting. In fact there are several sub ethnic Dayak saber is considered a sacred and magical objects. Not just anyone should have a saber. Even saber that has been sanctified by the masters of it, should not be released from his tainted arbitrarily. In fact there are several sub ethnic Dayak who completes his saber with a variety of spells and poison, it is intended that the stronger and powerful saber. While the shield is a shield as a complementary tool in the war. In order to protect the body of his opponent’s attack. Shield made ​​of wood. Usually the motifs carved shield given a very ethnic..

One example Dayak Tameng

One example Dayak Tameng

But in the modern age, Mandau And Tameng not only be owned by indigenous Dayak tribes in Borneo alone. Many urban residents are also interested in collecting Mandau And Tameng. Usually used as ornaments for the home, room, hotel and so as her. Mandau And Tameng Dayak even sold in stores souvenirs typical of Kalimantan in major cities such as Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Palangkaraya and Pontianak.

For the price saber vary widely, ranging from Rp. 120,000 for a saber made ​​of iron with a tainted wood to the outside of it. While the shield medium size ranges between Rp. 70,000 to Rp. 120,000. His unique and colorful motifs typical Dayak.

For those of you who like crafts Dayak in Kalimantan, you can have the Mandau And Tameng Dayak. Many craftsmen Mandau And Tameng Dayak who sell their products to anyone. Even today there are several online stores that provide Dayak Mandau And Tameng, with a relatively affordable price. Items are guaranteed new and imported from artisans in Borneo. Craft items are suitable to be used as decoration / ornament home, cafe, hotel lobby, and another as her. One of them is Banjarmasin Craft, an online store that provides a Mandau And Tameng Dayak.


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