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Deep in the Amazon jungle there is an interesting side of the ritual of manhood Satere-Mawe tribe. The youth of Satere-Mawe tribe should have their hands in “gloves” made of wicker filled with bullet ants (bullet ant) ​​to reach maturity. And it was done for about 10 minutes without shouting and be done for many times, and even can reach 20 times. Ants put on gloves made of woven plant, with fangs sting leads into. Previous ants – ants had given liquid that makes the ants unconscious. Once the ants are conscious, began the ritual

According to “schmidt sting pain index” from amazon famous bullet ant has the most painful sting of all ants other types that exist throughout the world. The skin will burn if exposed to the ants and the sting of the pain will last for 24 hours.

Mardudjara circumcision – aboriginal Australia


circumcision!, you must have-been felt in circumcision, the old people say it feels like being bitten by ants. Ritual circumcision rate Mardudjara a bit different than usual. When the young tribal Mardudjara nearing adulthood, the youth was required circumcision, around the age of 15-16 years.

In the ritual circumcision of the young man stretched on the fire, and then the chest of the young man in the occupied by the chieftain facing the youth’s genitals. Then his goods at cut skin with a knife that has been given a spell. But the ritual process does not stop here after the cutting process is completed the chieftain ordered the boy to open his mouth, and then the young man was required to swallow his own skin anu without chewing.

Maasai warrior – Kenya, Tanzania


The young Maasai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania have a series of ritual transition that brought boys into manhood. around age 10 or 15 years that will be a new warrior. The night before the ceremony, each boy will be brought to sleep in the jungle and return at dawn. After returning to the village, they in required drinking milk mixed with cow’s blood and then in circumcision. Once circumcised, all Maasai tribe would consider him a man, a hero, and protector of his village.
Land Diving Vanuatu, a South Pacific island states


Bungee jumping, everyone will remember this extreme sport, but in Vanuatu, bungee jumping presented other than that we normally encounter.

At harvest sometime in April – May, held a manhood ritual of the tribe of Vanuatu in the Pacific islands. Where is the young man who grew up wooden pole construction required to climb as high as 30 feet even more, then jumped from the top of the speed of falling approximately 72km / h. They are merely a holding vines made into a long rope tied only in both legs. Wrong calculation of mean lives lost!

Worse yet, in this ritual HEAD SHOULD AT LEAST TOUCH GROUND! This ritual has been around at least since the 15th century, this ritual offerings to the gods aim for their god on a bountiful harvest and also to prepare the youth mature into real men.
Sambia – Papua New Guinea


Sambia tribe in the interior of Papua New Guinea has a manhood ritual that is unique and extreme. At the beginning of the boy who was 7 years old will be separated from his mother and placed in a hut that all are men. After being separated from women, young people will mengikutii some fairly dangerous rituals.

The first is the bloodletting of the nose with a sharp grass menusukan way into the boy’s nose until the blood flowed profusely. And then the children are beaten by many adult men. The second was a young child in sperm required to drink water from Sambia tribe elders. The purpose of this ritual was to encourage their children and prepare them for life as a soldier.
Hamar Jumping Bull – Ethiopia


marriage is a highly coveted event for couples who are in love intoxicated. for hamar tribe in Ethiopia, in the ritual of applying for a bride, the men enjoined to follow certain conditions to the prospective groom. that the men are required to jump over a moving kerbau2 in naked. four buffalo had passed over and then back again to the buffalo first, then after that the father-in-law to bless their marriage.

Mandan hook hanging – Native American


Native Americans called Indians have different rituals in every tribe, and a rather interesting is from the Mandan tribe. Before the ritual was held, the men Mandan tribe was required to fast for 3 days to cleanse the body of impurities.

Then on the day of the ritual performed, chairman of the tribe will associate their breasts with 2 wooden sticks and tied with two ropes hanging in the sky and then at the sky and not allow tents screaming and crying until the young man was unconscious. After tribal elders convinced that the young man was unconscious, then the young man in the release of the latch buffer.

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