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Piasau Boat Club Borneo’s Premier Sport’s And Leisure At Miri

Piasau Boat Club is Borneo’s Premiere Sports and Leisure Club. The club hosts activities such as sailing, diving, fishing, rowing, various ball sports as well as parties for both adults and kids.The club has an excellent bar and Boat Club Mirirestaurant offering Asian and Western cuisine. It’s the perfect place to unwind and socialise with other members. If you are an enthusiastic diver, Miri has beautiful coral reefs to offer! Look at this photo gallery. The Piasau Divers club is British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Branch 2414 and offers regular diving and training using the Seacat.

The diving season in Miri starts usually beginning of March and ends in November with the onset of the monsoon period. During the season dive trips are organised on a regular basis every weekend (with occasional mid week trips and night dives) and announced via e-mail (only to registered members!).