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Bedouin Culture Could Become Tourist Site

Young People of the Valley Akhmad Kusaeni said Bedouin culture Kanekes located in the Village, District Leuwidamar Lebak, Banten can be used as a tourist site, thereby increasing revenue.

International Puppet Festival Held in Ubud

Denpasar (ANTARA News) – an international puppet festival will be held in Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, on 22 to 27 September 2013 by presenting exhibitions and seminars puppet mask from various countries.

“This event is motivated concern over the trend of adopting instantaneous global culture. On the other hand there is a disregard for the
indigenous cultural values ​​that have actually been tested to show solidarity, divinity, and environmentally friendly culture,” said Augustine Prayitno, a member of the steering committee of the international puppet festival , in Denpasar on Wednesday. 

Indonesian dance team won two Euro Folk 2013

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Group dance Gita Gantari Equator (CRF) led by talented young musicians Mokodompit Leo both won the overall championship Grand Prix Orpheus Silver Trophy on the final night of the Open European Championship of Folklore “Euro Folk 2013″ in Nessebar, Bulgaria.  In the championship, which began July 5, CRF group also received gold medals and eight awards for the category of traditional dances, Functions Pensosbud Embassy in Sofia said Dina Martina told Reuters on Monday.

Comic Puppets Speak English, How to Introduce Unique Culture of Indonesia

For the first time a comic puppet launched in English. Comic called ‘The Pandavas Story’ was launched at FX Senayan, Friday (8/11) yesterday. Representatives from Indonesia CV Sari Rasa, Joseph Oka Indriarno, said Teguh Santosa comic masterpiece was launched to preserve Indonesian culture, and to strengthen a sense of patriotism towards their own culture.

World Lung beauty in Central Kalimantan

With the vast rain forest, the island of Borneo called lungs of the world. Especially Central Kalimantan, which is the second largest province in the island. Almost the entire region enclosed tropical jungle. Most of its territory is mountainous, while others surrounded mature trees and diverse wildlife.Its capital Palangkaraya, as quoted from Burufly, in Palangkaraya Dayak language means the container and means sacred feast. kalimantan timur

Kahajan across the city, as the main transport pathway from the past. Leads to the upstream in Bukit Rawi, north of Palangkaraya, there are antique buildings and Sapunduk brisket. Sandung a wooden structure
where ashes are stored. While Sapunduk is a statue that serves as the pillar where residents tether cows or buffaloes during the ceremony.