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World Lung beauty in Central Kalimantan

With the vast rain forest, the island of Borneo called lungs of the world. Especially Central Kalimantan, which is the second largest province in the island. Almost the entire region enclosed tropical jungle. Most of its territory is mountainous, while others surrounded mature trees and diverse wildlife.Its capital Palangkaraya, as quoted from Burufly, in Palangkaraya Dayak language means the container and means sacred feast. kalimantan timur

Kahajan across the city, as the main transport pathway from the past. Leads to the upstream in Bukit Rawi, north of Palangkaraya, there are antique buildings and Sapunduk brisket. Sandung a wooden structure
where ashes are stored. While Sapunduk is a statue that serves as the pillar where residents tether cows or buffaloes during the ceremony.

Designed Dayak shields Computer Use

The high demand for wood carving handicraft products made ​​of the craftsman carving typical Dayak shield in Singkawang should dare to keep up with technology . Because the craft products that have been produced by craftsmen still follow the old pattern -oriented design of an existing motif or downloaded from the internet .

Socio-Economic Activities In Party Pig Ala Muyu Tribe

Muyu tribe communities, Kab. Digoel, Papua has two types of pig feast, áwònbòn átàtbòn a more simple and luxurious. Typical differences mentioned Muyu people is that the dance was held atatbon ketmon, many spectators visited, and that the buyer must pay in cash. However, on the use of supernatural powers, he is no different. Awonbon usually organized by a nuclear family only, and it only takes one or two pigs – which in itself is limiting the number of guests.papua

Atatbon essentially a party is an event where some people – usually of the same breed – have joined together to kill the pigs that they keep, and sell the meat to relatives for their ot law. In turn, the guests invited their relatives so that the party gets a lot of visitors, some of whom came from far away.

Here is an overview of this atatbon ceremony. A party with 15 pigs attracted 3,000 visitors. The pigs were killed for one or another party the amount varies. In 1954 in Kawangtet held four parties, each with 3 to 10 pigs.

Preparation of the party takes a lot of energy. To receive the guests had built inn, while sago and other food should also be collected. Many parts of the forest have been cleared, both for lodging and for ceremonial buildings – called atatbon like her own party – as well as for the field party. Preparation sometimes it can take many years.

Ambarawa: Combing The beauty of Traditional Javanese Panorama and Life

In the interior of Semarang, capital of Central Java province are rerimbun green trees combined with a beautiful view of the volcano. The more complete beauty with green rolling hills and lush rice fields. Panorama Ambarawa beauty has awakened interest of the former Dutch nobility to make their resting place.


Yes, in Ambarawa then you will feel a city in Central Java with an abundance of charm cool air from the panoramic beauty of the mountains, where tourist historic, up culinary dishes. How, have you visited this beautiful city?

Ambarawa can be achieved with a half-hour drive from Semarang. In the city you can enjoy life Ambarawa rural Javanese real. Ambarawa town located about 17 km north of Salatiga.

In Ambarawa, you can also find Indonesian Railway Museum which is home to 21 old locomotives. The oldest locomotive one of them is a framed Hartmann Chemnitz in 1891 and still managed to operate until the 1970s.

Near the museum there is also a Cave of the Virgin Mary and the Way of the Cross, surrounded by a flower garden and fish pond. Then you go a little way to the west direction precisely at Dieng Plateau are

Borneo Traditional House

Now , I want to make an article about custom home Kalimantan . As we know , Kalimantan was divided into four provinces . East Kalimantan , West Kalimantan , South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan . And since I want to discuss about the traditional house of Borneo , the four provinces so I will discuss about the custom.
Basically , the same custom home Kalimantan , the longhouse . It just makes it different is the model form of the building and the name alone . For more details , I will explain one by one down here . ;)
1 . The Longhouse ( Central Kalimantan )

The Longhouse is a typical custom home Kalimantan contained in various parts of Kalimantan , especially in upstream areas which usually becomes the center of the Dayak tribe settlements , where the river is a major transportation route for the Dayak to perform a variety of mobility of everyday life such as going to work to the fields where Dayak tribe fields are usually far from human habitation , or conduct trade activities ( the ancient Dayak tribes usually trade using a barter system that is the result of mutual exchange fields, gardens and livestock ) .

Shape of the house and the Longhouse and varies in different places . There are homes that achieve betang 150 meters long and 30 meters wide . Longhouse houses generally in the form of the stage up with a height of three to five feet from the ground . The Longhouse home building height I estimate to avoid flooding during the rainy season threatening areas upriver in Borneo . Some residential unit could have homes betang more than one depending on the size of household members of the residential community . Each household    ( family ) occupy booths ( rooms) that are in the boundaries of the large house Longhouse , in addition to general Dayak tribes also have single houses built temporarily to perform agricultural activities , this is because away distance between the fields where settlements.